Solar is the future.

A benefit for your business as well as the planet, solar for your roof is the right move in more ways than one.

We will guide you through the process, offering a range of options along the way to ensure that we achieve your desired outcome.

We at Advance Solar Systems aim in helping businesses save money with solar; our experience is second to none. As a result we have in-depth knowledge, not only of solar but also the hurdles that arise during a project. From these insights we have identified a number of common queries which we will help you with.

What we do:

  • Support with your company’s business case
  • Best model of ownership for you
  • Financial modelling and tariff analysis
  • Highly experienced in-house engineers
  • A design for every type of roof
  • Rigorous safety procedures
  • Minimal (or zero) interruption to building use
  • Performance guarantees
  • 24-hour remote monitoring
  • Reactive and proactive maintenance
  • Regular inspections
  • Flexible approach to suit budgets and aims